Bringing fine wine investing and innovation to everyone.

We are on the mission to give access to everyone to alternative assets like fine wine and making it inclusive, educational and fun.

Successful and active investing is really hard and costly for most people.

We believe that alternative investments have the potential to become increasingly accessible and fruitful for our generation. Alternative investments resonate with millennials in particular. They allow individuals to invest in specific assets they identify with or have a particular view on, providing the opportunity to outperform the market average.
The problem

Access is not public, and it can be tricky to identify which wine will outperform the rest.

Institutional investors and high net worth individuals have relied on alternative investments such as fine wine to diversify their portfolios for decades. Even for those with access, there is limited transparency on a daily basis and low liquidity.

This divide didn’t sit well with us, so we built Sommtrust: a world-class wine investment platform that actually empowers individuals.

To accomplish these goals, we’re building a passionate team of people that bridge technology, and wine expertise.


Behind the scene

Vito Lerede
Founder & CEO
From one-on-one with clients at Giorgio Armani as a Sommelier to wholesale and importation. Vito has earnestly examined markets. His background in fine wine and passion for finance have come together to bring you Sommtrust.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore is a Master Sommelier, he has managed several successful wine programs in Las Vegas, Aspen, and Nashville. His experience and expertise ranges from fine dining restaurants to sourcing for private collections and estate liquidation.
Andrew Southard
Andrew is a software engineer and entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience. Previously held the role of software engineer at Oracle, now running his own technology company.

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